Lasik Eye Surgery or Laser Eye Correction Treatment in Chennai

What is LASIK ?

Lasik is the safest and most accurate method to correct short sight (myopia), Long sight (Hyperopia), Astigmatism (Cylindrical power).

Who can undergo LASIK ?

Any person above the age of 18 years whose power is stable for the last 3 years can undergo this procedure. There is no upper age limit. Generally lasik can be done for Myopia upto -20.00 D and Hyperopia upto +6 D and Astigmatism upto 6 diopters.

How is Lasik better than Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses require special care and careful maintenance. Moreover it is a recurring expenditure. Lasik laser is a permanent treatment. A 5 year use of contact lenses would cost you almost the same as Lasik treatment.

Best Lasik Surgery In Chennai | Lasik Eye Surgery In Chennai

LASIK procedure at DRR Hospital


Step 1: Eye drops are applied to numb the eye. The LASIK surgeon may give you additional medication to help you relax. You will be seated in a comfortable, reclining surgical chair. The surgeon will gently prop your eyelids open using an instrument called a lid speculum.
Step 2: A device will be used to stabilize the eye. It is normal to feel mild pressure. The surgeon creates a thin flap in the cornea, which can be temporarily folded away. It is normal for your vision to blur at this step.
Step 3: Reshaping the Cornea Using a computer-controlled excimer laser. Pulses of light are directed at the eye to reshape of the cornea. You might feel light pressure, but there will be no pain. Note: During previous visits to your LASIK surgeon, you will have had an in-depth examination to provide data about the specific shape and structure of your cornea. The excimer laser, programmed by that data, is capable of reshaping the cornea with exact precision to improve your specific vision impairment.
Step 4: The last step of a LASIK procedure is the surgeon repositioning the corneal flap. It will stay in place naturally and begin to heal within hours.

LASIK Procedure Next Steps/Recovery

  • Following the LASIK eye surgery procedure, your surgeon will examine your eyes once again. Then you will be able to go home — although you will not be allowed to drive.
  • You may feel some discomfort following surgery, like an itching sensation, slight burning, or more tear production than normal. This is part of the healing process and is only temporary.
  • For most people, vision is normal within eight hours and then continues to improve over time. In some cases, it can take several months to reach the full extent of vision improvement.

Recovery tips

  • Keep skin lotion away from your eyes
  • Avoid swimming or theme park for 3 months
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you experience pain or defective vision
  • Be diligent with artificial tears and prescription medications
  • Avoid contact sports
  • Wear sunglasses to protect against sunshine and wind


Your LASIK surgeon will give you specific instructions for rest, eye care, level of activity, and follow-ups. These instructions will be vitally important to the healing process and the effectiveness of your LASIK procedure.